Our Mission, Vision, and Value

At Perham Health, we have created a mission to direct our organization, a vision for the future of our community, and values to guide our employees. We strive to live by each of these day by day.

Our Mission

Dedicated to health and wellness throughout life.

Our Vision

Our vision is for individuals and communities achieving optimal health.

We foster this vision by:

·         Being a champion for health and wellness

·         Implementing best practices in care, education, and technology

·         Committing to person-centered care in partnership with patients, residents, and families

·         Establishing a financially sustainable model that offers access to a wide range of health care options

Our Values

We incorporate the following values in everything we do:

·         Hospitality – we treat each person as if he or she is the most important person in our facility.

·         Etiquette – we use good manners and are polite in all that we say and do.

·         Respect – we display a high regard and consideration for the dignity and uniqueness of everyone.

·         Ownership – we take pride in what we do, feel responsible for the outcomes of our efforts, and recognize our work as a reflection of ourselves.

·         Excellence – we strive to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

·         Safety – we are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for our customers.