Perham Living

As we begin appproaching our later years, we often find that assistance is needed in performing daily activities. At Perham Living, we are devoted to providing care and assistance for those unable to live completely independent. The Perham Living facility is located at 735 Third Street Southwest in Perham, MN.

Here are the different offerings for care:

Briarwood is a senior congregate living facility on the Perham Living campus. Offering full-size, independent apartments, the variety of supportive services and housing structure were designed for senior living.

The "household model" of the Nursing Home allows residents to become more involved in their residency at Perham Living. The residents are able to create their own schedule for their days, including waking up, eating meals, activities, and going to bed.

Home Care is available to those who need assistance with the activities of independent living, whether that is help with medications, occupational therapy, or other services. Home Care services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week to those living within a 30-mile radius of Perham.

Transitions is a short-stay rehabilitative program that offers personalized care for people recovering from illness, injuries, or surgeries.

Through our Consulting Services we are able to educate and consult other facilities to develop an approach to a culture change. We can help turn your facility into a true home for residents.