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Name Parent(s) Birth Date
Ningozis Hannah and Joseph2/16/2018
Adilynn Ivey Michele and Collin2/15/2018
Lauren Faith Alesha and Todd2/15/2018
Isaiah Crile Cassidy and Mason2/15/2018
Sutton Wilder Gerald Sarah and John2/12/2018
Lucas Len Heidi and Isaac2/10/2018
Emmanuel Valeria and Ethan2/6/2018
Sigrid Margaret Jennifer and Timothy2/5/2018
Brynley Jane Desirae and Andrew2/5/2018
Anika Nicole Michaela and Brett2/2/2018
Ryan Ezekiel Cintia and Noe1/29/2018
Mathilda Ann Faith and Erik1/25/2018
Obadiah Coy Brittany and Johnathon1/7/2018
Marilyn 1/6/2018
Wyatt Ashton Christine and Timothy1/5/2018
Ainsley Claire Ashley and Nick1/5/2018
Arya Ann Sarah and David1/3/2018
Everhett Philip Shannon and Jesse12/18/2017
Charlie Steven Cassie and Jacob12/13/2017
Crosby Patrick Sara and Brady12/7/2017
Max Richard Ashley and Drew12/4/2017
Jalyn Marie Jerica and Kyle12/1/2017
Hudson Shane Bobbi and Brian11/21/2017
Keagen Paul Brittini and Kyler11/17/2017
Alexander Paul Joy and Joe11/8/2017
Dayton Orion Sage and Brad11/6/2017
Kade Stanislaus Kathryn & Jacob11/1/2017
Tripp Tyler Brianna & James10/30/2017
Tucker Ernest Danielle and Michael10/26/2017
Laura Jean Meghan and Brian10/20/2017
Jaden Tylor Angela and Tylor10/18/2017
Norman Russell Shelby and Max10/13/2017
Chance Doran Nicole and Kurtis10/2/2017
Tyller Lee Sherissa and Shane9/30/2017
Liam Ryan Alexander Chelsie and Christopher9/27/2017
Bentley Javan Rose9/27/2017
James Mathew Ashley and Brett9/26/2017
Ziva Lillian Anika and Jacob9/25/2017
Joseph Ryan Tanya9/18/2017
Thornton John Samantha and Shannon9/12/2017
Owen Nathan Samantha and Nathan9/11/2017
Ashton Andrew Tavia and Andrew9/8/2017
Navy Rose Becky and Robbie9/1/2017
Madelynn Ann Samantha and Casey8/30/2017
Jayden Daniel Amber and Jeremy8/29/2017
Josie Hazel Shannon and Jared8/27/2017
Danica Jo Katelyn and Thomas8/22/2017
Nyx Skye Alexa and Terry8/18/2017
Elliot Michael Amanda and Tyler8/18/2017
Jadon Emil Lynn and Jonathan8/15/2017
Vincent Qing and Luan7/26/2017
Maggie May Tiffany and Chad7/25/2017
Nora May Brianna and Nick7/24/2017
Tia Teresa Katie and Nathan7/17/2017
Brekken Everett Savanna and Everett7/14/2017
Scout Campbell Christa and Cody7/9/2017
Ryan Wilhelm Brenda and Daren7/7/2017
Beau Anthony Ashley and Drew6/22/2017
Macy James Jena and Bill6/21/2017
Dominick Drake Alicia and James6/11/2017
Ruby Lynn Nichole and Daniel6/10/2017
Brayden James Kim and Jason6/10/2017
Owen John Anna and Danny6/7/2017
Dallas Martin Julie and Kurt6/7/2017
Lane William Jenna and Kelly6/6/2017
Evelyn Louise Nikki and Brandon6/2/2017
Aria Jo Brandie and Anthony6/2/2017
Wesley Daniel Erika and Mark5/31/2017
Jaxon Jeffrey Alissa and Alan5/22/2017
Hattie Rae Rachel and Nick5/9/2017
Tristan Adam Cassandra and Aaron5/8/2017
Brooklyn Rae DJ and Brock Collins5/7/2017
Harper Lynn Bailey and Tyler5/4/2017
Cooper Croix Ashley and Isaac4/28/2017
Harley Dianna Sheena and Drew4/17/2017
Rylee Lynn Carissa and Mitch4/3/2017
Josie Lynn Amber and William4/1/2017
Charlotte Ann Abigail and Brennen3/21/2017
Abel Joseph Melissa and Bradley3/9/2017
Skylar Jo Jessica and Ryan3/7/2017
Landon Jay Jessica and Josh3/3/2017
Anson Daniel Tabetha and Aaron3/2/2017
Adelyne Marie Megan and Clinton3/2/2017
Arya Loraine Krista and Richard2/28/2017